Equipment Inventory

Audio Consoles

  • Yamaha digital consoles TF1,TF5,PM5D, M7cl
  • Avid/digidesign Venue Profile Surfaces with FOH & stage racks
  • DigiCo SD5 and SD10

Sound Systems

Meyer Sound

  • Meyer Sound MICA line array system
  • Meyer Sound LYON line array system
  • Meyer Sound MINA line array system
  • Meyer Sound UP-4XP (ultra compact loud speaker)
  • Meyer Sound UM-100P floor monitors
  • Galileo 616 loudspeaker management system
  • MDM 5000 power and signal distribution
  • OHM Line Array system
  • Turbosound TQ system
  • Yamaha monitors
  • Mackie active speakers


  • Shure wired SM57, Beta 58, Beta 52, Beta98, Beta 91, SM81, Beta56
  • Shure Beta 54 headset ,WL50 lavalier, WL184
  • Shure MX415,MX890, MX690, MX412
  • Shure SLX receivers, handhelds, beltpacks
  • Shure UR4D+ dual receiver, handhelds, beltpacks,antennae
  • DPA microphones 4099,4060,4066,etc
  • AKG microphones C535,C414, C214,D440etc
  • Neumann KSM184
  • Royer Labs R-121 ribbon mics
  • Sennheiser receiver EM500, body packEM500, mic
  • Sennheiser EM6000 ,SMK6000 handheld, A 2003 antenna

In Ear Monitors

  • Sennheiser SR2050 IEM transmitter,EK2000 receiver, A5000 antenna,
  • Westone UM Pro 20 RC (dual driver in-ear phones)

Backline Equipment

Guitar Amps

  • Fender Twin Reverb,Blues Deville,HotRod deville,HotRod Deluxe
  • Marshall JCM900 with 1960A cab
  • Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with 2×12″cabinet
  • Roland JC-120 jazz chorus
  • Roland AC90, AER Compact 60
  • Vox AC30 C2

Bass Amps

  • Aguilar DB751, GK700RB amp head with Hartke 8×10 cab
  • Ampeg SVT 300 Classic bass amp head with 4×10 cab


  • Fender American Stratocaster, Fender telecaster,jazz bass 5 string
  • Yamaha CGX171 classic guitar, APX900 acoustic electric
  • Acoustic double Bass

Keyboards/ Synthesizer

  • Korg M3, M50, Kronos 88
  • Kurzweil Artis ,Forte
  • Mini Moog Voyager (61 keys)
  • Roland Jupiter 80 ,JD-XA,RD300gx
  • Yamaha Motif XF8, XF7,CP300,S90XS
  • Nord Stage 2 EX 76,Stage3, Electro 4D


  • Yamaha Grand Piano C3PE
  • Yamaha Piano C1 (white mini grand piano)

Drum Kits

  • TAMA Star Classic EFX series ,Yamaha Stage Custom & Maple Absolut, DW collector series

Drum Cymbals

  • Miscellaneous Zildjian and Sabian


  • LP Bongos, Congas, Tumba, Quinto, Timbales, Djembe, Cajon

Drum Pads & Triggers

  • Roland KD140 BC trigger pad,SPDS -10, SPD-SXV sampling, BT-1, RT-30, TM-2 triggers

DJ Equipment

  • Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 mixer,Pioneer DJM-S9 Serato mixer,Pioneer CDJ-2000NSX2decks


Moving Head – Spot & Beam lights

  • Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE1500, Mythos 2, SuperSharpy
  • ROBE Color Spot 1200E AT, Pointe

Moving Head – Wash lights

  • Clay Paky A.leda wash K10
  • ROBE Color Wash 575 AT Zoom, Robe 12ooEat wash
  • JB lighting JB-LED A7 Zoom

Lighting Consoles

  • Avolites Arena , Avolite Pearl 2010
  • GrandMA2 full-size, GrandMa2 light, GrandMa NPU, GrandMa extension wing


  • ETC source four profile 10° (750 watt)
  • ETC S4 750watt profile 10°, 19°,26°36°,50°,15/30°zoom
  • Robert Juliat 714SX 2kW zoom profile 15/40°
  • Coolbeam zoom profile (600 watt) 15/32°
  • ADB DS205 2kW zoom profile 15/36°
  • Selecon HUI cyc light (800watt)

Fresnels/ Par Cans/ Led Fixtures

  • 1.2Kw, 2kW fresnels, RJ310HF1000,RJ 329HF fresnel
  • LED pars, LED city colours, LED battens


  • 8 lite, 4 lite audience blinders
  • Selecon HUI cyc light (800watt)

Follow Spot

  • Robert Juliat Aramis 1013 follow spot (2500watt)

Hazers/ Smoke Machines/Fans

  • DF50 hazer, Rosco Delta hazer,Le Maitre G3000 fog machine, Le Maitre PFI 9D low fogger


  • 12 ch, 24 ch & 36 ch 2.5kW dimmers


  • ASL WS400 wireless & ASL PS278 wired intercom
  • Kenwood NX-340 UHF portable radios with KSC-35SE charger

Truss & Staging


  • Prolyte Stage decks (200cmx100cm) BLACK


  • Prolyte ST Roof System (20metres wide by 14metres deep)
  • Prolyte S52V truss, sleeveblocks, corners
  • Prolyte H40V truss, sleeveblocks, corners, etc
  • RT – H30V PA Towers
  • Prolyte S40T-L050 tower mast , top section for chain hoist, tower base with outriggers
  • Prolyte B100RV-L240 rectanglar truss

Chain Hoists

  • PLE-12-015 Prolyft Chain Hoist , 500kg, 1000kg
  • Stagemaker Chain Hoist 500kg
  • Prolyft 4-way & 8 way motor controller

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